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Samples are essential to any business, whether they are wholesalers, retailers or an end consumer. Wholesalers must have confidence that the quality of the product they will be selling meets a required standard, especially before investing large amounts of money into bulk purchases. Similarly, retailers receive samples from wholesalers to obtain an idea of the quality of the product that they will be procuring in large quantities. Possessing samples mitigates the risk of devoting large amounts of money into a product unfit for purpose, but also gives wholesalers and retailers confidence that their investment will make a return.

Moreover, is it possible to obtain samples that are able to cater to the needs of all businesses, entrepreneurs, new-startups, retailers, wholesalers and end consumers all at once? Sounds ideal, but is it plausible? If possible, it would of course be a surprise that piques the need to find such resources, where all business entities can secure these samples at retail prices. Whilst acquiring samples is hardly a rare concept, finding samples that satisfy the needs of all the businesses along the whole supply chain is certainly unlikely.

Here at Dropship Wholesalers, not only can we provide samples that satisfy the aforementioned prerequisites, but in addition to this, we can provide these samples at budget rates. This is a gesture of the confidence we have, not only in the salability of our products, but also in their potential for profitability!

Here are the top 5 reasons why procuring your samples from us would give you a financial and strategic edge:

Why you need to buy our samples


First and foremost, as opposed to many other similar service providers, we set no minimum quantity purchase on any of our products. If this philosophy is understood from the perspective of any start-up online retailer, then this is ideal, since, more often than not, start-ups do not have vast funds to inject into new and risky ventures. Hence, they would initially prefer not to buy in bulk to ensure that the undertaking is worth the investment.

This is also advantageous to wholesalers and retailers. Buying in bulk is jeopardous, since the quality of the product in question is unknown and service-providers may not always offer a full refund on purchases. Hence, wholesalers are able to initially purchase products in smaller quantities, which they can then buy in bulk with confidence at a later time.

why you need to buy our samples


Secondly, while anyone can go out and purchase sample products, we eliminate the need to physically shop, while still guaranteeing our samples to be of the highest standard and quality.

As previously discussed, samples are of utmost importance to any business because not only do they give wholesalers and retailers confidence that their investment will make a worthwhile return, but they also reflect on the business as a whole. The quality of the products is in direct proportion with customer satisfaction, which positively correlates to customer retention and their reflection on the business. Hence, for an organisation hoping to satisfy, while also retaining, their customers, high quality samples are of paramount importance.

why you need to buy our samples


Not only do we offer the highest quality samples to our associate wholesalers and retailers, but we offer them at the lowest possible, discounted prices. This gives our wholesalers and retailers a competitive edge over others in the market, as not only do they purchase their stock at the lowest prices, but the potential for resale with higher returns is justified based on the quality of our products.


With nearly twenty years of experience within wholesale ourselves, we understand the concerns of not only start-up wholesalers and retailers, but also more experienced service providers. Our friendly team of advisors are always on hand to answer any queries or deliver free, confidential advice. Please feel free to contact us here.


Finally, not only can you purchase high quality samples at the lowest rates, but we can even ship them to your customers for you. This process is extremely beneficial to wholesalers and retailers alike. Not only do they save on the cost of storage, shipping and packaging, in addition to this, our process furthermore unburdens them of the stress of the entire cycle. This process is known as The Dropship Model.

So here’s how it works: Customers make purchases from your store, at your set retail prices. The customer order is then forwarded to us, the supplier, and the cost of which you pay at discounted wholesale prices. We then ship the order directly to your customer.

In order to get access to all these fantastic services, and see our products for yourself, please follow this link. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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