Dropship Wholesalers is a Safe & Trusted Platform Connecting Businesses, bringing the UK wholesale community together and online. Creating Wholesale & Retail links with the option of dropship services allows businesses to access a wider range of opportunities.

This platform promotes entrepreneurs to set up small to medium sized businesses working form home and accessing wholesalers offering dropship services. Dropship wholesalers offers special incentives for small/new businesses, the Fair Trade Industry and for products promoting healthy lifestyles.

With no joining fee or monthly subscription costs Dropship Wholesalers is UK’s leading B2B marketplace connecting businesses from Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Importers to Retailers and Dropshippers.

Join us to find the best suppliers, incease your inventory and opportunities

Our story

Our Drop-shipping and wholesale services have been established since 2006. During this time we have grown, matured and developed into a stronger, better and faster business. Providing a unique platform for Dropshippers and wholesalers, we have always had good relationships with our customers. Having worked with Drop-shippers for many years we established the processes required to offer the best services and opportunities to connect the B2B industry. Having worked our way up from the grassroots level we understand how it feels to be at all the different phases and the challenges faced. We at Dropship wholesalers value our customers and hope to offer a match-making service that will be mutually beneficial to all.

This platform allows Wholesalers, Importers & Manufacturers to Dropship their own items using our Vendor services.

UK's Leading B2B Marketplace
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