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Art is a form of describing the world in a single pictorial representation. Like a smile, art is also a universal symbol that is used, understood and admired by not only the artist but by everyone. Owing to its worldwide use as a profession and as a fun endeavor, the demand for quality art supplies and art supplies wholesalers remains high. This means that art wholesalers have a unique opportunity in their hands to capture the vast art supplies market on an international scale.

Furthermore, all professional artists would agree that the fine finish required of any great artwork requires quality art supplies. Although the market is saturated with these products, the demand for cheap products has reduced the quality. The challenge for all budget artists is then to find suppliers who can provide quality products, at the most affordable rates, in varying sizes, volumes and compositions.

Online retailers face similar challenges. Whilst manufacturers and wholesalers of art supplies are easy to find, not all these suppliers produce the range of items required by retailers in order to meet the demand of customers. Moreover, it becomes costly for retailers to order separate products from different wholesalers, as the cost of postage and packaging accrues.

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In our experience, a service provider who is both a manufacturer and wholesaler of art supplies is the most beneficial to any online retailer. Firstly, since the wholesaler is themselves a manufacturer, it would be in their best interest to provide the highest quality products to their clients.

Moreover, the opportunity for the wholesaler to receive regular custom would, more likely than not, incentivise the wholesaler into being more receptive to negotiation of price.


Consider now the possibility of not only procuring your items from a wholesale manufacturer, with all the benefits this accrues, but also a supplier who provides dropshipping services.

The dropshipping model is as follows: Customers make a purchase with the retailer. The retailer then forwards the customer order to the wholesaler, who packages and delivers the item directly to the customer.

Not only does this mean that you, the retailer, can focus on building your online business and presence, but it also frees you from the hassle and costs associated with storage, packaging and delivery of the item to customers.

Another advantage of working with manufacturers who provide dropshipping services is that order fulfillment is guaranteed. The retailer would no longer need to worry about stock levels and ordering products since this is all dealt with by the manufacturing wholesaler.


As previously mentioned, the art supplies market is heavily saturated. This level of competition creates pressure on businesses to reduce the cost of products. However, this reduction usually translates to a reduction in not only the value of products, but also in their quality.

Consequently, customers are keen to spend a little more in order not to sacrifice on the quality of their work. This creates the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to turn a profit.

By offering high quality products, at competitive prices, manufacturers can afford to proposition one-off deals on bulk purchases of their products. Not only will this drum up business with existing customers, but it additionally provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity to create new networks.


As discussed in previous blogs, samples are vital for any online retailer. Firstly, they give the retailer confidence in the quality of the item they will be procuring. Furthermore, bulk purchases are an incredibly huge investment, and are extremely difficult to make worthwhile returns on if the quality of the item is lacking in any way.

For this reason, obtaining small samples of each product is a wise first move for any retailer. Moreover, being able to shop around for your products in the initial phases will give the retailer the confidence that they really are getting the best quality items, at the most reasonable price. This would translate into greater profit margins in the future and longer term, mutually beneficial relationships between businesses.


Whether you’re interested in wholesale bulk purchases of our art supplies range or simply looking to sample our range of art products, we have exactly what you’re looking for. With no set minimum purchases on any of our high quality items, and a huge variety of products to choose from, we have something for everybody.

Moreover, here at Dropship Wholesalers, we offer our clients a stress-free, reliable and responsible dropshipping service, saving our clients from the cost and inconvenience of storage, packaging and postage.

You can view our whole range of art supplies here, take full advantage of all these fantastic opportunities and grow your business today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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