Drop Shipping Have Some Common Questions

Drop shipping is an on the rise business platform where sellers can sell their product through a third party without having to stock up on merchandise. Sellers are not required to run an inventory of their products and just have their suppliers ship directly to their customers.

Q. Is drop shipping products easy?

A. Drop shipping is fairly easy with the help of our platform Dropship Wholesalers Uk. Our service is very user-friendly and reliable. The best part about drop shipping is that you can start out with almost zero investment since the seller doesn’t need to stock up on merchandise or worry about product fulfillment.

Q. Is Drop shipping profitable; if so, how much?

A. Drop shipping is highly profitable if done the proper way. It’s not easy but it can be done with the right tools, marketing techniques, and creative minds. Persistence is the key in this business model.

Q. How do I start my drop shipping business?

A. Even though Drop shipping does not require a lot of start-up investment; it does, however, require a lot of hard work.

Select the right Niche for you

The first thing you need to do is select a niche for your store. This niche needs to be something you are genuinely interested in. This is because if there is no interest in the products you are selling you are bound to lose motivation pretty soon.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are a crucial part to consider during your drop shipping startup. Even though your suppliers manage the shipping, if the costs are too high it will likely discourage customers from purchasing the product. Make sure you find something that has a low shipping cost in order to attract more sales.


Before you start make sure to find out how actively customers are searching for your relative product. If customers aren’t searching anything related to your niche your business will not have much luck.


After you feel like you have got the hang of your niche store, you can move on to branding your products. The products you are selling will have more appeal if they are sold with custom packaging and branding.

Q. Will my customers be ok with long shipping times?

A. What you need to do here is state your shipping policy and make sure your customers know the potential amount of time it could take. This way they won’t be misinformed before making their purchase and will know how much they shall have to wait.

Q. Am I allowed to use my website name as my business name?

A. The name of your website is basically your store name. Business names can, however, be different from your store name. Just make sure your business name is registered and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Q. Will the product sent use my own information when shipped?

A. When products are shipped they are usually shipped under your name allowing the customer to not know where the product came from.

Q. How is drop shipping beneficial for my business?

A. Drop shipping has no overhead costs. Since it is a virtual store there is no need for renting out space to keep your inventory and stock products. You also don’t need to incur any shipping or packaging costs. The cost of overall starting a drop shipping business is quite low as compared to other business models. It requires more brain power than man power which of course is on the cheaper end.

Q. When starting, should I start with a general store or opt for a niche store?

A. Even though you are free to drop ship anything you like and the products do not have to be related at all, it is highly recommended that you start with a niche in mind. This is because there is bound to be less competition, you can have better interaction with your customers and also marketing is made to be much simpler. When you are handling a niche you know exactly what you are selling and you will be focused on selling products related to that one thing. Just make sure you choose a niche that is in demand and you are genuinely interested in the products you are selling to ensure a successful niche store. In conclusion, no business is ever easy. Becoming a drop shipper requires time, research and proper planning. That being said, it is still one of the easiest ways to start your online business and to test new product ideas.


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