If you are a wholesaler who has an existing pick & pack facility you can become a Dropshipper.

Expand your sales by providing a service for people working from home and selling your inventory on their platforms!

This is ideal for Dropsellers, people who do not wish to hold stock inventory but would like to sell your products to their customers. All you need to do is ensure you can post/fulfil their orders daily by ensuring they are posted with tracking details provided daily to the Dropseller.

Steps to get started with creating your listings:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Once you have logged in you will see a tiny logo of your user on top right corner, click on the down arrow beside it

Step 3:

Go to “Manage Your Shop”

Step 4:

From the menu bar on the left select “Subscription” and choose your desired package.

Step 5:

Once it is done now go to “Products” from the left menu

Step 6:

Click on “Add new product” on the right side of your page.

Step 7:

In the new product window you will enter the “Product Name”, its “Price”, upload product “Image”, select “Product Category”, “Product tags” and at the end you will enter a short description about your product. Press “Create Product” once you are done entering initial information.

Step 8:

You will be navigated to a page where you can manage your product listing in detail i.e: Inventory, Shipping and Tax etc.

Step 9:

If you wish to create variations in your product listing go to “Attribute” Section. Add the required attribute (Size, quantities offered, colors available etc)

Step 10:

As you select the required attribute and press “Add Attribute” you will be given fields to specify the name and price of each combination of attributes selected.

Our team is regularly searching for new features and updating the website to improve the functionality for both the Dropsellers and the Dropshippers. You will be able to access your account and view your dashboard, orders and message the vendors.

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