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I am about to shed light on the things that will give you a useful insight into wholesale sample garden products. There is a difference between having wholesale samples and having dropship sample products, but I will emphasise on wholesale samples because each retailer has different priorities, depending on their personal tastes and preferences, as well as the amount of investment they can offer.

Online retailers who have their own warehouse facilities and dispatch systems in place, would go with a wholesale sample facility of a special kind. The other benefit for online retailers is that they become self-sufficient, safe in the knowledge that have to rely upon no one but themselves.

The challenge, however, is to find a quality wholesaler who can provide wholesale sample garden products initially to break the ice between the two. Those online retailers who wish to provide branded garden products, with the customised packaging, should go for its wholesalers because they will have the products to list for. Online retailers will not have to be scratchy and tense as the products will be in their hands and they will know about the level of stocks to make informed and timely decisions. This creates the self-control that is missing when the products are dispatched through a third party.

Wholesale sample garden products


When it comes to buying products, each customer has their own set criteria depending on their needs. However, when it comes to utility products, these criteria overlap. Our expanding hose pipes are a must have garden utility. The product is lightweight, flexible and durable. At 75 feet in length, this product is ideal for most garden activities. The head is adjustable in order to set the strength of the spray depending on the job at hand, whether that be heavy-duty cleaning or watering of garden plants and vegetation. Moreover, being extendable makes this product easy to pack away after use.

Wholesale sample garden products


Barbeques form a vital part of any garden during hot summer days. A time to kick back and relax with family and friends. But as the warm season comes to an end, with biting winds, blustery showers and frost, this particular piece of garden furniture becomes difficult to maintain.

However, we have the solution. We offer high-quality and affordable barbeque covers in a range of colours. The cover provides vital protection from damaging weather, and can be secured using the supplied cord. Additionally, the covers are formed of a strong, durable and easy-to-clean material.

Wholesale sample garden products


These inflatable loungers make the perfect addition to the garden. Gone are the days when one would need to lug heavy furniture in and out of the home for a relaxing day out in the sun. These loungers are lightweight and easy to inflate, perfect for the garden, days out to the beach or even camping along rocky terrain. At the end of the day, this lounger can then be deflated and packed away, ready for the next use.

Wholesale sample garden products


Weed control sheets are a prerequisite for every gardener. The sheets are placed like row covers, keeping weeds at bay while the plant’s continue to bloom.

Furthermore, the cover provides an equal spacing between plants, which has many additional benefits. Firstly, an equal spacing between the plants means they will be able to absorb enough sunlight and extract enough nutrients from the soil without competing with one another for space. This would give each plant the opportunity to grow to its full potential. An added benefit is that the plants would be perfectly aligned and equally spaced, making them that much more aesthetically pleasing to behold.

Wholesale sample garden products


The rotary line is again one of those items that is incredibly useful during the summer, but prone to damage during the winter season. Due to harsh weather conditions, the metal exterior of the rotary line often begins to rust and deteriorate over long exposure to moisture.

For this reason, a durable cover is vital to the maintenance of this product. Not only do our covers provide protection from the damaging effects of the wintery weather, but additionally save you the cost of having to repair, or replace, the rotary line every few years. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

To view our fantastic deals on all these garden products, along with many more amazing offers on garden products, please visit us at Dropship Wholesalers. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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