Drop-shipping made easy

Drop-ship Wholesalers

Learn how to drop-ship with us. Follow our step by step guide, and start earning with us.

Step 1

Go to Our Hompage, at

Step 2

From the hompage click on the "Start Drop-Shipping" button. It will lead you to our Drop-shipping Shop Page.

Step 3

From our Drop-shipping Shop page,you can browse through our product categories and select which product you would like to drop-ship.

Step 4

Once you are on the product page.You will have the option/quantity drop-down tab near the add to basket button.

Step 5

From the drop-down choose the drop-shipping option, which will add one product item to your basket.

Step 6

Once you are on the checkout page, fill out the form with your billing information and your personal address.

Step 7

Check the option where it says, deliver to a different address and fill in the form with the address you want us to deliver the product to.

Step 8

Where it says, Order Notes. You can tell us which type of branding and packaging do you want us to do.


Make an account, and store your data so you dont have to fill in the form evertime you checkout.

Step 1

Go to My account from the main menu in the header section.

Step 2

Fill in the form, with your email id and your preffered password. Then check the option which says " I am a Customer". Click on register.

Step 3

From your dashboard you can update your profile with your address , payment method , delivery address etc.

If You have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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