Our ethos is Simple Honest Business and we expect our vendors to benefit from our platform and carry these principles in their interaction on our site.

Seller agreement:

  • As a seller on dropship wholesalers we expect that you will follow our guidelines:

  • You will ensure that all transactions are consistently carried out on our platform and no sales are taken out from the platform directly to the customer. If you are requested to carry out transactions outside of the platform by the buyer you must notify the dropship wholesalers compliance team. All communications between the seller and the buyer must take place on the platform communication system by opening a ticket.

Maintain and manage stock

It is the sellers responsibility to ensure that stock inventory levels are maintained to avoid any interruptions to our drop shippers or retailers services.

This is extremely important specifically if you are offering a dropship facility for another seller whose customer is waiting for the item this can cause a great amount of uncertainty for all the parties involved.

For this reason your stock quantities must be accurate at all times and we advise you to update your live inventory regularly.

You must not sell something of inferior quality which is going to result in negative feedback or returns knowingly. As this will affect your shop status in the long run and may affect your ability to sell on our platform.

As a platform we are constantly monitoring the buyers and eliminating high-risk buyers to ensure that the protection and safeguards are in place for our sellers.


In cases like this we have established both a seller protection and a buyer protection policy.

It is in the sellers interest to provide a seamless service to the customers and maintain an honest relationship with all the customers to purchase on our platform.

While most sales on our platform will take place between the seller and the buyer without any problems at times there can be some problems with that one or the other party experience.

We would like all the sellers on our platform to work with great integrity offering our retailers and drop shippers value for money, items as described, without defects and with great customer service. Where there is a case that the customer is unhappy we expect the seller to interact with the customer in a courteous manner and to go through the RMA process to help the customer with either a return or a refund when necessary.

For all disputed cases the funds will be placed on hold until the resolution has been reached.

It maybe the case where the two parties are unable to agree upon a resolution at this point dropship wholesalers will need to step in to help resolve this issue.

There will be a cost of £25 charged for all interventions.

Seller code of conduct:

This policy requires that sellers act fairly and honestly on our platform to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. All sellers must:

Provide accurate information to us and our customers at all times

Act fairly and not misuse our features or services

Not attempt to damage or abuse another Seller, their listings or ratings

Not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews

Not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications

Not contact customers except through Buyer-Seller Messaging

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