Jewellery is one of those fashion statements that appeals to most people. It is hugely varied and offers something for almost everyone, whether its men or women. Jewellery has further sub-niches within it that make it incredibly diverse. A retailer can sell just about any of these statement accessories. From bracelets, rings and necklaces to pendants and cufflinks; the list is endless. Further sub-categories would include whether you’d like to sell in gold, silver, precious stones and so forth. A seller has endless options and so does the buyer. Hence, jewellery is certainly a worthwhile venture and possibly one of the best items to dropship.

Below, we have compiled a list of the top ten jewellery items available for drop shipping on our website.

1. Filigree Heart Necklace with Chain – Uniquely Designed Jewellery

This exclusively designed heart pendant is the perfect gift, no matter what season. Whether it’s Valentines day, a loved one’s birthday or anniversary, this unique piece of jewellery is perfect for anyone looking to hit that emotional spot.

2. I Love My Dad Cufflinks

Our “I Love My Dad” cufflinks are the perfect present to gift all the dads out there. This statement accessory comes in a gift box and is designed to perfection. These are suitable for Father’s day, Dad’s birthday or just to show Dad that he is loved.

3. Elegant Silver Leaf Brooch

Another perfect year round fashion accessory! This brooch is a smashing fashion statement. The silver finish never goes out of style, guaranteeing you’ll be wearing this particular piece many times to come. 

4. Snowflake Ear Studs

These adorable snowflake studs are the perfect accessory for winter-time. With Christmas right around the corner, these impeccable studs are a must have for the holiday season.

5. Star Wars Men’s Cufflinks

These are absolutely perfect for any Star Wars fan, and we all know how many there are of them out there! These would make the perfect gift for any fan of the franchise.

6. Blue Teardrop Necklace

This stunning diamond imitation pendant looks flawless when worn. Diamonds never go out of style and prove to remain popular throughout the ages making this the perfect jewellery item to own.

7. Sterling Silver Crystal Studs

These sterling studs are 6mm. They are the perfect fashion statement for just about any occasion, whether you prefer to keep it simple or classy.

8. Superhero Spiderman Cufflinks

These are the perfect gift for any Spiderman fan. Your superheros deserve a unique way to show them you care and this is the perfect item.

9. Beautiful Emerald Set

This gorgeous set consists of a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The color is a beautiful green, bound to make those evening nights out a success.

10. James Bond 007 Cufflinks

These cufflinks aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They are perfect for all those Bond lovers out there and are guaranteed to be a hit.


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