Wallet Guide

At Dropship Wholesalers we operate a wallet system for safe and secure payment processing.

There’s just 2 very simple and easy steps:

Step 1:

Add funds to your wallet via bank transfer.

Step 2:

Pay for your purchases from your wallet.

This is a seamless process and best of all its completely free. We’ll update the wallets twice daily (12pm and 6PM) and won’t charge any of the payment gateway costs normally associated with this type of service. Our focus, as a platform, is to allow our Dropsellers and Wholesale Buyers to keep their buying costs at an absolute minimum allowing them to make better margins.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet before proceeding to checkout.

Heres some things to note:

We’re not in the finance business and have absolutely no intention to make money from your wallet by getting interest from the bank, our wallet is simply to keep everyone safe.

You can add funds to your wallet at any time and any amount, it’s totally up to you. All we say is have enough funds in your wallet to be able to make a purchase and give yourself enough time for funds to show up in your wallet, especially if your DropSelling and making ad-hoc purchases daily. What you don’t want is to sell something while you don’t have cleared funds in your wallet to pay the DropShipper to fulfil your order. This inevitably will lead to a negative experience for your customer.

You can, at anytime, request to withdraw funds from your wallet by sending us a withdrawal request, this will incur a £20 admin charge.

Thats it! If you have any other question feel free to ask our team. Otherwise get topped up and start making money 🙂

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